Dear sailors, captains and skippers,

we would like to welcome you, your ship and your crew to the City of Rostock and to the maritime festival of the 31st Hanse Sail Rostock. 

The Hanse Sail Rostock is the largest maritime event of the coastland Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and our city presents itself proudly as a vibrant Baltic port and cultural and economic centre of Germany´s Northeast. With this peaceful maritime event, the Hanseatic city wishes to contribute to the cohesion of the peoples on the Balticshores and to the preservation of traditional ships as part of the European cultural heritage. 

Numerous traditional sailors and historic vessels bring their character to the Hanse Sail ambiance with fragrances of old canvas and tar. Some of these lovingly cared for and restored traditional sailing ships are more than 100 years old. Each year during the four Hanse Sail days, numerous visitors fulfill their dream of sailing. Day cruises and regattas in the waters of Warnemünde are memorable experiences.

It‘s nice that you are here. Let‘s celebrate together.

Service to the ships and crews

Organisation and service
The City of Rostock will be an excellent host for the days of your stay. After fastening at your berth, you will be visited by your liaison officer who will take care of you and your ship throughout your entire stay. Furthermore he will support you to help solving all problems that may occur. You will receive a “Captains Bag” with all required documents for your stay in the Hanseatic City, including the flag of the Hanse Sail for your ship. Please contact your liaison officer concerning all questions regarding the Hanse Sail. They will also accompany you and your crew to all official events. 

Service office 
The Central liaison service office is located at the city harbour in Rostock, next to the restaurant „Alter Fritz“, opposite to berth 81/82 and will be staffed around the clock. For questions, please, use telephone-No. +49 (0)381 381- 2971 and -2972. A special car service (car and driver), which is also available to the captains in urgent cases for trips in Rostock, is connected to the
liaison service office. 

Ship stamps
The Bureau Hanse Sail asks the captains of the sailing training ships/traditional sailing vessels to continue the offer of boarding stamps to all interested guests.

Incoming mail
Incoming mail for you and your crew will be delivered to the ship daily until 2 pm via the Bureau Hanse Sail/ Central service office when you are in port.

Postal address:
Name of the ship/Name of recipient
Bureau Hanse Sail Rostock
Warnowufer 65, 18057 Rostock, Germany

Please note the following information: The Bureau Hanse Sail will cover the following costs for the period from August 10th to 15th, 2022:
• berth dues
• tug and pilot charges for entering and leaving the port by arrangement
• charges for the disposal of non-contaminated waste at the specified garbage collection points

All other services (e.g. drinking water, shore connection) are on account of the ship. The Bureau Hanse Sail will provide information regarding reparation, bunkering, special waste disposal and hospitality services.

Invitations for guest ships

Wednesday, 10th August 2022
full-day 13th Hajkutter Regatta Nysted - Rostock

Thursday, 11th August 2022
10:00 am | Captain‘s Breakfast | Building of the Rostocker Segelverein Citybootshafen (RSC 92),
Warnowufer 64, 18057 Rostock (City harbour)

5:30 pm | Opening ceremony Hanse Sail 2022 | Kurhausgarten Warnemünde

7:00 pm | Price giving ceremony HAIKUTTER race | City harbour, Sailor‘s Stage

Friday, 12th August 2022
11:00 pm | Duel of the tall ships: Beach soccer tournament of the crews of GORCH FOCK vs. DAR MLODZIEZY*

Sunday, 14th August 2022
from 11:00 am | Norway Match Race: THOR HEYERDAHL vs. ROALD AMUNDSEN | Sea area in front of Warnemünde

Action „Gastliche Mecklenburger“
Sailors and trainees who are participating in the Hanse Sail are invited by traditional restaurants to a complete dinner and small talk in a typical Mecklenburg atmosphere. Appointments can be arranged with the liaison officer. * To the events you can use a shuttle. For more information please contact your liaison officer.

* To the events you can use a shuttle. For more information please contact your liaison officer.

Nautical information

Sailing area
 Rostock-Warnemünde is situated at the mouth of the river Warnow. The fairway to the City habour of Rostock is the “Bundeswasserstraße Unterwarnow – Breitling” with following ports:
• Port of Warnemünde with Yacht harbour and Passenger terminal
• Sea port of Rostock-Petersdorf with Oil- and Chemical port
• Fishing port of Marienehe
• City harbour of Rostock with Museum harbour (Haedge-Hafen)
Ships, participating in the Hanse Sail, will have their berths in the City harbour of Rostock, in the Fishing port of Marienehe or in Warnemünde.

Pilot assistance is compulsory to:
• Ships of more than 100 m (328 ft) L.o.a. or
• Ships of more than 15 m (49 ft) beam or
• Ships of more than 7,50 m (24.5 ft) m draught
Pilot assistance is compulsory to the City harbour Rostock:
• Ships of more than 60 m (197 ft) L.o.a. or
• Ships of more than 10 m (32.5 ft) beam or
• Ships of more than 5 m (16.4 ft) draught
All vessels taking a pilot aboard will have to transmit their note of estimated arrival at least three hours before arriving at the pilot boarding station. Call VHF channel 14 for “Warnemünde Pilot” or phone: +49 (0)381 206 03 50 / fax +49 (0)381 206 03 51.

 Obligation to report
 In accordance with SeeSchStrO all vessels and pushed or towed convoys with an overall length exceeding 30 metres entering the Rostock fairway (including the Warnow) have to announce their arrival. Necessary statements have to be communicated to ”Warnemünde Traffic” on VHF channel 73. The Hafen- and Seemannsamt Rostock is the regulatory body for the areas defined in Port Traffic Regulations issued by the City of Rostock and can be contacted on VHF channel 10. The admission on the berths takes place through the

• City harbour, telephone +49 (0)381 45 52 66 as well as at channel 10 VHF,
• Fishing port, telephone +49 (0)381 811 24 40.

Ships which are not required to announce their sailing are reguest to stand by on VHF 73. Information about traffic, navigational warnings, weather forecasts, alterations to buoys and other important news will be given regularly.
05:15 am – 09:15 pm every two hours
09:15 pm – 05:15 am every four hours

Attention! Please pay special attention to ferry traffic! During the Hanse Sail please activate the AIS for the purpose of locating the ships

Participant ships 2022

Here you can find the overview of all participating ships of this year's Hanse Sail and the corresponding berths. >>

Berth maps

Maps to the berths of the participating ships during the Hanse Sail.  >>

11. - 14. August 2022

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