8.-11. August 2019

Information for media represantatives

29th Hanse Sail Rostock from 8th to 11th August 2019

It´s not neccessary, but we would reccomend you to do it: Before you get into the craziness of the Hanse Sail, you are welcome to come to the press office at the city port. There, you will receive the most recent information about the 29th Hanse Sail. We will answer your questions, give contact persons and help with directions. Furthermore, you can get an accreditation at the press office or journalists, who have already been accredited, can pick up their press cards.

Press office

Press office Hanse Sail Rostock
City port, Warnowufer 65, 18057 Rostock, 2nd floor

Tel. (0381) 381 29-63/-64  l  Fax (0381) 381 29-60   l

Opening hours
5th - 7th August 2019: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
8th - 11th August 2019: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Info for journalists (*pdf, 410 KB)

Trip with the press boat

At the Hanse Sail, we enable some media represantatives to get on board on a press boat on Saturday, 10th August 2019 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., in order to take pictures or videos of the events on the water. The trip will take place on the “Munster” and will start at the naval base “Hohe Düne”. For that, we levy a participation fee. We ask for your understanding that the spots are limited and we might not be able to offer a spot to everyone. Further information will be provided soon.

>> Registration for journalists and the press boat trip 2019

The event area

Passenger terminal in Warnemünde/Neuer Strom with berths for the cruise ships and tall ships, strolling mile with markets and showmen as well as a stage at the lighthouse

Naval base Hohe Düne
Open base and open ship

Mini-Sail – models of ships and air crafts, diverse entertainment programme, vintage car meeting

Rostock Cargo and Fishery Port
Berths of the steamships

Shore in Gehlsdorf
Gunner and saluting gun meeting

City center
City port at the banks of the Warnow river between the Speicher and Kabutzenhof


We would reccomend to arrive via public transport. Everyone, who is using a car, should use the parking lots and car parks inside or at the edge of the city center. Then, you can use the bus, tram or city train to the city port, to Marienehe or to Warnemünde. The Rostocker Straßenbahn AG (RSAG) offers a day ticket (6,00 Euros), which you can use in the entire city area as well as on the Warnow ferries.

City harbour
From the central train station you can use the tram lines 5 and 6 in the direction of the city center.

From the central station with the city train to Warnemünde (last stop)

From the central train station to Marienehe with the city train in the direction of Warnemünde or with the tram line 5. From the city center also with the tram line 1, then follow the signs by foot. With the car from the city center in the direction of Warnemünde, turn right at the Hamburger Straße into the Carl-Hopp-Straße, follow the main street until the street “Am Fischereihafen”; turn right on the corner Lidl / KSM Servicetechnik and drive to the head of the pier.

>> You'll find further information about public transport here.

Sail with us
during the Hanse Sail 2015