5. - 8. August 2021

Rostock celebrates from 7 to 10 August the 24th Edition of the Hanse Sail

It might be the most maritime edition the Hanse Sail has ever experienced. “The composition of the fleet of the 24th edition of the Hanse Sail taking place from 7th to 10th August is absolutely top class” states Holger Bellgardt, director the Hanse Sail office.

“Many tall ships have enlisted – more than we can actually accommodate along the passenger pier in Warnemünde. Furthermore, many unique ships participate in the event and each of them brings their own particular history.”
3x7 is the formula of the maritime celebration. Ships, markets & stages including a mixed programme are the three pillars of the event. The spectacle will take place at seven venues: the Rostock Harbour, the area of the former Neptune Shipyard, along the Gehlsdorf Bank, in the IGA Park, in Warnemünde, in Hohe Düne and on the waters of the Warnow River and the Baltic Sea. Seven main elements of the event are waiting to be experienced by the visitors of the Hanse City and the Baltic Resort: ships in action, vivid market action, diverse cultural events, competitions in the sailing stadium, meeting of the cannoneers, Mini-Sail in the IGA Park as well as politico-economic events. The focus of the maritime festival lies on the more than 200 participating ships from twelve nations which still offer sailing trips ( Conquering the Baltic Sea on one's own is for many visitors the key event of the Hanse Sail. The organisers expect one million visitors during the days of the maritime festival.

Ships – the Heart of the Hanse Sail
The tallest ships of this years' traditional sailing ship meeting are the four-mast barques “Sedov” (117,5 meters) and “Kruzenshtern” from Russia (114,5 meters) as well as “Dar Mlodziezy” from Poland (108,5 meters). The Sail Training Ship of the German Navy, the Barque “Gorch Fock” (89,3 meters), the Clipper “Stad Amsterdam” from the Netherlands (76 meters) and the Full-Rigger Ship “Christian Radich” from Norway (73 meters) can equally be added among the giants. The visit of the numerous tall ships is supported by the following ship benefactors: AIDA, Eurosports, Fairplay, Rhode & Schwarz, Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock and Stadtwerke Rostock.
A particular highlight for visitors and organisers is the first call of the 1937 built Four-Mast Schooner “Santa Maria Manuela” from Portugal. Further ships that navigate to Rostock for the first time include the March 2014 built Top Sail Schooner “Avatar” (Netherlands), the Brig “Tre Kronor at Stockholm” (Sweden) and the Brigantine “Tres Hombres” (Sierra Leone). The 32 meter long Fair Transport Sailing Ship transports French wine, Rotspon, for the Hanseatic Company of Colonial Goods without using a motor and will arrive at the Fairtrade-Capital 2014 Rostock. The cargo will be unloaded at the Fairtrade-Café in the City Harbour where other fair traded goods will be available including coffee by the J.J. Darboven Company. This projected is funded by Norddeutsche Stiftung für Umwelt und Entwicklung (Northern German Trust for Environment and Development)  using the revenues of BINGO! Lottery – The Environmental Lottery. A further partner of the Fairtrade-Café is the Rostock based furniture store Harrmann.
Again this year, steam boats complete the fleet of the Hanse Sail: The Ice Breaker “Stettin”, the 110 year-old Tugboat “Woltman”, the Ton Sailer “Bussard” or the Paddle Wheel Steamer “Freya”. Small and flexible ships, the Haikutter ships, are part of the kick-off regatta for the Hanse Sail on 6 August. The replicas of historical cogs will tie up along the Silo Peninsula of the City Harbour. In Warnemünde, traditional sailing ships will meet cruise liners, ferries and grey ships of the navy. The 24th edition of the Hanse Sail has everything that the maritime encyclopedia can offer. Highlights of the maritime programme include Open Ship events of the navy, the Open Base, the regatta of traditional sailing ships on Saturday and the parade of nations as the final event of the Hanse Sail.

Market and Stages – Variety of Topics and Stars of the Musical Scene
Seven stages and seven theme markets are the pillars of the programme on land along the quayside of the Hanse Sail. The City Harbour invites friends of the hanseatic flair to join two medieval markets – the first is situated on the Silo Peninsula, the second can be found along the Museum Harbour. Großmarkt Rostock GmbH has created a rich programme including fairground rides and market stands. An international food lane, the Brandenburg market as well as a ship building workshop (offered by the Navigation Museum of Gdansk) are situated along the front side of the Museum Harbour. Near the docks of passenger ferries to Warnemünde, a Polish market offers the hearty cuisine from our neighbouring country. In Warnemünde, the strip of markets along the promenade invites visitors to hang-out and the stage at the light house will bring entertainment.
A people's festival surely needs music and the Hanse Sail offers a broad musical taste. The Hanse Sail stage is situated on the Haedge Peninsula and will not only present obligatory shanty but also music from jazz to rock'n‘roll. Partners for culture have joined forces to bring artists from Rostock and Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania to the stage during the Friday Sail. The final highlight of the Sunday Sail is the election of Miss Hanse Sail, presented by the LT-Club and the local radio Antenne MV. On 7 August, the NDR stage serves as the opening stage for Erwin Sellering– the Sail's patron and Federal Minister of Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania – and Roland Methling – Mayor of Rostock – and for musicians. Highlights include shows by “Elaizia” on Thursday and “Jupiter Jones” on Saturday evening. Rock music will be played on the ROSTOCKER stage, presented by MAU-Club and Antenne MV. Many people are in particular looking forward to the band “Glasperlenspiel” on Friday evening. The ROSTOCKER party tower with DJ Stephan Mangelsdorff will celebrate into the night. Further musical delicacies will be staged at the restaurant “Alter Fritz”, at the Sailing Stadium, at the Hanse Market and on the Goliath Show-Stage.

Rich Programme – from A as artSail to Z as ZK 10
The programme on land has more to offer than music and markets. Cultural, sporty and scientific events are all part of the hanseatic festival. The programme of the Sailing Stadium of the City Harbour is full of action and is presented by OSPA, HEPA, Wälzlager and CyberTix. Stand-Up Paddling, water bike, canoe, ZK 10-cutter rowing, Tow-In wind surfing and of course sailing can be joined by visitors. Not far away, the CITTI Kids and Fun Park at the Kabuzenhof created a programme for those who have a special interest in sport and for all of the family members. Organisers are proud to present the 5th edition of the Mini-Sail at the IGA Park. Moreover, the cannoneers will make their noise for the 15th time along the Gehlsdorf Bank. The annual and popular fireworks – presented by OSPA – will be released into the night of Saturday at 22.40 o'clock in the City Harbour and Warnemünde.
Numerous maritime exhibitions invite visitors of the Hanse Sail – especially the exhibition “Nature and More” in the Rostocker Kunsthalle (Museum of Art) features films and photographs from this year's partnering country Finland. The area around Swan's Lake will present the second edition of the artSail on the evening before the Sail on 6 August.
The Hanse Sail is also an event for political and economical meetings. A number of discussions and networking possibilities are offered during the “Business meets Hanse Sail”, “Hanse Sail Business Forum”, “Ostseekonferenz” or the one-day conference of the Karl Theodor Molinari Trust. Furthermore, the popular science event “Science@Sail” will take place at the University of Rostock.
An events' overview can be accessed in many ways for instance via printed copies of the magazine “Sail Kompass”, via the internet, via Facebook, Twitter and on the event site itself.

Tall ships along the Warnemünde passenger pier, image: Hanse Sail Rostock

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