5. - 8. August 2021

An international handiwork-project, including a christening on Sunday

Robert Domzal, Marek Jankowski, Maciej Flis, Przemek Wegrzyn from Poland and Peter Helland-Hansen and Tina Kjerland from Norway are devoting themselves to a whole different project at the Hanse Sail.

They are building a very special boat in the context of an EU-project and in cooperation of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk and the Hardanger Og Voss Museum in Norheimsund. At the Museumshafen (museum harbor), right next to the stage of the restaurant “Zum Alten Fritz”, they can be watched finishing a “Strandebarmar”, a Norwegian type of boat. This 5.50 meter long wooden ship is going to be christened by the mayor of Rostock at 5pm on Sail-Sunday and will be launched afterwards. Alongside oars and ropes will be hand-made by the actors with traditional craftsmanship. They are getting on-site support not only from the Hanse Sail Office but also from Peter Danker-Carstensen, head of the Schiffbau- und Schifffahrtsmuseum (ship-building and shipping museum) in Rostock. “While we are working with museums there are real people acting/operating as employees/colleague of a workshop, because the ropemaking and boatbuilding handiwork is not preserved/conserved but made use of/exploided here”, says Carstensen. In September the boat-builder will be part of the “Maritimes Kulturerbe-Festival” (maritime cultural heritage festival) in Katy Rybackie in Poland.

Gesine Schuer


This traditional Norwegian wooden boat will be finished at the Sail and christened on Sunday. Photo: Gesine Schuer

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