9.-12. August 2018

A Maritime Folk Festival Uniting Tradition and Modernity


No other event is more entitled to represent the strengths of its city than the Hanse Sail Rostock. The 16th edition of the event will be held from 11th to 14th August.

The biggest annual gathering of traditional sailing ships includes 180 participating ships takes place in the Rostock City Harbor reaching from the Silo Peninsula to the Fishing Port, along the Warnow River, on the Warnemünde quayside as well as its promenade, the beaches and the Baltic Sea.

In addition, the maritime festival focuses on the traces visible in the city scape which can for instance be experienced during the Parade of the Cogs on Friday evening in the City Harbor.

In accordance with the Hanseatic and University City, the Hanse Sail connects Tradition and Modernity. Thus, historic traditional sailing ships meet innovative economy, medieval markets meet economic fora and shanty songs meet rock and pop music. The Hanse Sail concept envisages sticking to long established events and adding simultaneously new aspects and places.

“The Hanse Sail is the most important event of the Hanseatic City of Rostock. The international participation in the festival proves to which extent the festival functions as an image maker beyond Germany and as a worldwide ambassador for Rostock as a touristic destination. The sail not only gathers different guests but contributes significantly to the value creation in the catering, the retail industry as well as other major sectors of the Hanseatic city”, states Matthias Fromm, Rostock and Warnemünde Director of Tourism.

Moreover, the Hanse Sail is not only a meeting place for Baltic cultures, peoples of all nationalities, languages, cultures and religions and but is also conceptualized for the preservation of tradition and cultural goods.

Established Concept
The Hanse Sail Rostock is a meeting place for tall ships and traditional sailing ships. Thus, vessels are once again the main focus of the festival. Next to the well-known windjammer “Krusenstern” and “Sedov”, a number of jubilee participants and pioneering guests will join the event. Among these are the “Baltic Star” (Poland), two Japanese frigates “Asagiri” and “Setoyuki” as well as the fairtransport yacht ship “Avontuur” sailing under the Vanuatus flag. Moreover, a number of 100 year old ships such as the German lugger “Ryvar” as well as the Swedish schooner “Helene” will be greeted at the sail.

After 2005, Poland is once again the international partner of the Hanse Sail. The republic sends its sailing school ship “Dar Mlodziezy” as its ambassador to Warnemünde. “Traditions in seafaring equally play a central role for our Polish neighbor”, underlines Roland Methling, Mayor of Rostock. “Since 1957 Rostock partners with Szczecin. This oldest city partnership represents at the same time the oldest city cooperation for Rostock. We are pleased to have Poland as our contributing partner for the 26th edition of the Hanse Sail.”

“Board the ship!” is the motto of the Hanse Sail. Due to its course to the open sea, this motto becomes at the same time the unique selling point for the maritime festival. After a sailing trip along the Warnow River and upon reaching the white pier heads in Warnemünde ships will set their white and colored sails in order to start their trip to one of the most beautiful estuaries in Germany including a magnificent view of the cost of Mecklenburg. Around 30,000 visiting sailors enjoy this highlight every year.

On shore, the festival will be celebrated on a rich marketplace offering various areas of experience ranging from events that represent life during the Hanseatic period to the party strip with its fun rides and the Pirate Village. 30 beer lorries will serve ROSTOCKER – the beer of the Hanse Sail. Unchanged highlights are the Sailor’s Fireworks which can be admired on Saturday evening at 22.40 in Rostock and Warnemünde.

A number of well-known Hanse Sail program elements enjoyed particular attention over the past years and led organizers to elaborate their concepts. As a result, the Miss Hanse Sail Competition will already be held on Thursday on the stage Hanse Sail & Antenne MV. Further enlargement is envisaged for the Fairtrade area: An attractive ambiance including a view on the passing ships. Next to a stage program, visitors are offered live cooking at CarLo 615 including a coffee course as well as fair traded products.

In direct vicinity, the fairtransport sailing ship “Avontuur” is berthed at moorage 75. This year, Science@Sail invites visitors to lectures and science you can touch on Saturday and Sunday at Frieda 23.

The Parade of the Nations will mark the closure and serves as a signal of the Hanse Sail. “With this closing event, we want to demonstrate that the Hanse Sail is a peaceful event which lives international understanding and creates friendships between peoples of various backgrounds“, says Holger Bellgardt, Manager of the Hanse Sail Office, underlining a founding principle of the event for 25 years.

New Attractions

A number of new events will be introduced for the 26th edition of the Hanse Sail. The regional football association opens a Soccer Court as well as a Human Kicker at Kabutzenhof and is looking for the Super Dribbler on Saturday and Sunday. In the Sailing Stadium, the German Championship of Stand Up Paddling will be held. In close vicinity – in hall 207 on the area of the former Neptun yard – FashionWeek.connected hosts a top-class fashion gala including an After Show Party. This year, stage organizers have prepared themed evenings – featuring for instance the ROST(R)OCK evening on Friday on stage of the Haedge peninsula with Petra Zieger and Band as well as the band Karussel. On Saturday, NDR 2 stages “Musikszene Deutschland” represented by Wincent Weiss and Philipp Dittberner.

The Hanse Sail news coverage can be accessed on as well as on all major social media networks. Interested visitors will obtain information via texts, images and – for the first time in cooperation with Ostsee-Zeitung – short videos. All information around the sail is summarized and presented in the print magazine SAIL KOMPASS.

During the Hanse Sail cruise ships and traditional sailing ships meet sportive yachts. photo: Hanse Sail Rostock / Lutz Zimmermann

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