10.-13. August 2017

Application Haikutter-Race 2017

Herewith the Bureau Hanse Sail Rostock and the Hajkutter-Regatta (Nysted) would like to invite you at the 9th August 2017 to the 9th Haikutter-Race from Nysted till Rostock.

For the announcement of your ship please, use our application form to the Haikutter-Race 2017 and send it to us.


1. Map starting area Nysted 2017 (*pdf, xxx KB)

2. Map target line windmill farm 2017 (*pdf, xxx KB)

3. Map course Nysted – Warnemünde 2017 (*pdf, xxx KB)

4. Map target lay line Warnemünde 2017 (*pdf, xxx KB)

5. Sailing instruction 2017 (*pdf, 117 KB)

6. Race declaration 2017 (*pdf, xx KB)

Sail with us
during the Hanse Sail 2015