Hanse Sail Association

Hanse Sail Association for the Advancement of Traditional Navigation in the Baltic Sea

Vorsitzender: Dr. Frank Elsner
1. Stellvertreter: Wolfgang Lass
2. Stellvertreter: Wolfgang Bischoff

Phone: +49 (0)381 381 29 72
Fax: +49 (0)381 45 900 50

e-mail: HanseSailVerein@gmx.de

Postal address
Hanse Sail Verein e.V.  l  Warnowufer 65  l  18057 Rostock (Germany)

Bank details
OSPA Rostock
IBAN: DE49 1305 0000 0201 0986 10

The association was founded on 3rd June 1994. It is registered as No. 1213 at the Register of Associations, Rostock Local Court. The Association pursues solely objectives of public benefit on the basis of a statute resolved by the full assembly of its members.

Any person at or above the age of 16 years and in possession of their full rights as citizens can become a member of the Association. New members wishing to take on an active role within our Association are more than welcome. The executive committee will decide on the application which is to be made in writing.

Objectives of the Association include but are not limited to
• Promotion and conservation of maritime cultural values as well as maintenance of the heritage and customs of historically inspired traditional navigation on sail ships
• Support for work with children and youth oriented towards culture, education and maritime vocational training
• Initiation of and support for educational projects with a maritime orientation, mainly in cooperation with schools and educational institutions
• Facilitation of encounters and participation in the events and charitable actions for traditional and Museum ships within an international framework.

A key point of the Association's activities is the support for the Hanse Sail event office that prepares and realizes the annual Hanse Sail events. Support is provided on the following areas:
• A support system for crews of participating ships and sea plane crews, for artists, shanty choirs and for the security services at concerts and the Hanse Sail Main Stage backstage area
• Sale of sailing trips, weekly and day trips as well as packages for about 30.000 guests
• Curation of exhibitions and realization of maritime touristic encounters
• Issue of own publications to increase the recognition of the Rostock Hanse Sail
• Participation in fairs, marketing and information events and in the sale and distribution of Hanse Sail info material and souvenirs.

The executive committee guarantees the realization of agenda items resolved by the assembly of members. It organizes a lively and active work of the Association under adequate inclusion of the following branches that are part of Hanse Sail e.V.:

(1) Hanse Forum
A place for documentation and meeting, at SBZ Dierkow
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 160  l  D - 18146 Rostock
Head:. Dr. Wolfgang Müller
phone: +49 (0)381 362 702 22
e-mail: hanse.mueller@gmx.de

(2) Tall Ship Booking Office
based at Hanse Sail Association
Warnowufer 65  l  D - 18057 Rostock
Head: Mandy Lange
phone: +49 (0)381 381 29 74
e-mail: buchungen@hansesail.com