6. - 9. August 2020

Parade of the flags on the Warnow

The parade in the city harbour on Sunday forms an emotional ending of the Hanse Sail. Picture: Lutz Zimmermann

Flag parade? Or parade of the flags on the water? Which of these is actually the correct term? The other day I was talking to a friend about the upcoming Hanse Sail and among other things we also talked about the emotional ending of the traditional sailing ship meeting.Fully convinced, I said – “With a flag parade, of course”. Flag parade? She is confused and said: “But we aren’t the military”. That confused me as well and I looked it up online. It’s true – a flag parade is the formal hoisting of flags or the lowering of flags in a military sense, according to Wikipedia.
But how are we supposed to call the joint movement of many ships in a parade formation with flags of the participating nations at the rear or mast; whether we are talking about traditional Haikutter, coastguard vessels, such as the fire-fighting vessel or the sea-rescue ship of the DGzRS, pilot boats or tug boats, when they arrive at or leave the city harbour?
Which term can describe the experience of a full quay wall with waving and emotionally moved people who want to say thank you and goodbye until next year with the promise to come back?
It is a beautiful parade of ships creating rainbows in the blue sky with their water fountains or playing music. The colourful flags wave in the wind and some visitors pull out their mobile phones to research the meaning of some of the flags. I think about it and come to the conclusion that it is a “Parade of the flags on the Warnow” carried by the main actors of the Hanse Sail – the ships. Or do you, dear readers, have an even more suitable name?

Anke Dartsch

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