6. - 9. August 2020

Sail-Regatta: „Greif“ vs. „Ide Min“

Who will be cheering this year? last year the crew of the “Minerva” won the race. Picture: Lutz Zimmermann

Showdown of the Tall Ships

Sailing on the Baltic Sea, feeling the Wind in your face and giving everything one’s got to win. For those of you, who want to experience this unique feeling, the Match Race on the Sail Sunday is the right event for you. It’ll be once again an exciting head-to-head race. Two ships will be starting at this highly anticipated duel, the German brigantine “Greif”, who already participated in the past, and the Dutch schooner “Ide Min”. Both ships are regular visitors of the Hanse Sail.

The challenger of the last years, who sails under German flag, has a sail surface of 570 square metres and an overall length of 41 metres. The ship was built in 1951 to honour the 75th birthday of the President of the GDR Wilhelm Pieck and is an experienced participant of this sailing regatta by now. The sailing school ship from Greifswald was last beaten by the crew of the Dutch three-master schooner “Minerva”. Although this vessel started with a lower sailing surface, they still managed to bring the victory on board.

Now the “Greif” has the chance to take back their title. The “Ide Min” will be trying to prevent this with its length of 40 metres and sailing surface of 560 square metres. Once again the German crew has to take a stand against a Dutch challenger. Can the crew of this year’s enemy bring back the victory for their nation?

This event is a must for all enthusiasts of sailing and competitions. It is reported over and over again about the ambition of some sailors who infect all crew members on board with their regatta feeling and make this Match Race an exciting experience every year. If you don’t want to miss this, you have the possibility to sail on both ships. More Information and tickets for the regatta are available in the Tall-Ship Booking Office of the Hanse Sail Verein (Phone: +49 381 29 74) as well as under

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Hanse Sail-Regatta: Match Race of the Tall Ships
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