HIORTEN regatta 2008

Schooner brig „Greif“ arrived first from Karlskrona

The first ship from South Swedish Karlskrona has been the schooner brig “Greif” which arrived yesterday August 6th at 9.00 p.m. at the city harbour of Rostock. It is the first of 11 traditional ships which participated in the Hiorten regatta from Karlskrona to Rostock.

Furthermore the Russian two-mast schooner “Yunyi Baltiest“ and the Dutch three-mast barque “Artemis” started from Karlskrona on Sunday August, 3rd and arrived in yesterday’s afternoon. Because of heavy blasts up to storm force 10 the Hiorten regatta cannot be valued.

Still on Tuesday the ships tied up at Danish, Swedish or German harbours to wait for changes in the weather. Although every participant of the Hiorten regatta will get a compliment award which is donated by the Hanse Sail office and the Swedish Karlskrona and depends on the size of the ship’s sails.