Results of the Hanse Sail Regatta on August 8th

This year the regatta of traditional sailers has a clear winner. Schoonerbrigg GREIF from Greifswald in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania won the group A for square sailers.

Brig MORGENSTER from the Netherlands and the swedish brigantine BALTIC BEAUTY started together with GREIF. But after the turn the wind calmed down and the two ships had to break off the race due to time constraints. All together twelve ships started in this year’s regatta.

Groups B (schooners and gallasses) and C (1-masted ships) have been put together. Here gaff cutter STELLA MARIS won, second was 2-masted schooner TWISTER – both from the Netherlands. Dutch 3-masted gaffel schooner ALBERT JOHANNES, Khahik QUALLE and german gaffelschooner KRIG VIG broke off the regatta.

Its premiere had the regatta of yachts (Group D) which was initiated by the sailing club Warnemünde (WSC). Here german Jantar 21 FREETIME won, second was german staysail schooner CATHARINA. German Trintel LK 5KR DAENN BLAUWE and german ketch GREIF VON UECKERMÜNDE broke off the race, too.

Whether winners or losers – a winner definitely is the Traditional Shipping and sailing on the Baltic Sea.