Results of Hanse-Sail-Regatta 2008 on August 9th

Only four participants started

The “First Ship Home” is the STAD AMSTERDAM (76 metres). This elegant and new participant of the Hanse Sail is the unambiguous winner of the square rigged traditional ships which arrived 30 minutes before the other ships. A suspension of 15 minutes caused by a jumped start had no consequence to the result.

A neck-and-neck race arose ,as in the last years, between the schooner brig GREIF (41 metres) and the Swedish brigantine BALTIC BEAUTY (40 metres). Finally the GREIF won in a ledge of 1 Minute. This ship from Greifswald never missed a Hanse Sail and won the traditional regattas in 2005 and 2006. Dense fog inhibited revenge last year.

“Rain and a rough Sea built a weather, which ruins the joy of sailing”, resumes the leader of the regatta Uwe Jahnke of the Warnemünder Segelclub. Yesterday the three square rigged traditional ships started at a sunny weather at 12.00 a.m. Shortly after them the Dutch clipper STALLA MARIS started as the only one-mast ship. The wind blew at a storm force between 5 and 6 from west. Altogether only four ships participated in the regatta about 10 sea miles. Actually 11 traditional sailing ships had announced until the early morning.

The ships drove into north until the orange ton and back to Warnemünde. The former flagship of the Hamburgian coast guard ELBE 1 accompanied the regatta as a start and final ship. Today this motor launch with a blue hulk is a museum ship.