Results of the regatta of shark cutters 2009

How the regatta weather plays ….

The first regatta of shark cutters from danish Nysted was planned to be the overture and opening highlight of the 19th Hanse Sail on August 5th. The conditions of this maritime premiere were ideal.

On Tuesday evening eleven shark cutters arrived in the harbour of Nysted and were welcomed by thousands of people. The city with its 1.500 habitants celebrated on this day its 600 anniversary. All in all 90 sailing tickets were sold, 50 sailing-friends arrived from Germany.

And then happened what is known to be common in sailing history: dead calm. The regatta was called-off, but head of the regatta Finn Hermansen decided on late Wednesday evening in accordance with the skippers: “Nevertheless we will try a sailing start!” About 7 pm the ships are expected to arrive in Warnemünde.