A low breeze at the 6th Haikutter-Race

Starting field of the 6th Haikutter-Race, photo: Maximilian Bosse

In the sixth edition of the race from Nysted in Denmark to Warnemünde, twelve Haikutter with 65 guests on board started off with sun shine and a low breeze around lunch time of 6th August. Two other sailors from a different scoring system accompanied them. At 11.30 am the window for a flying start was opened for one hour at the “Windmühlenpark” in Nysted. Since the participating ships were making very slow progress at average wind speeds of 3 to 4 m/s, the head of the regatta, Finn Hermansen shortened the planned regatta distance and moved up the finish line.

Onboard the fire-fighting boat “Elbe 1”, which is the regatta-tender, was Maximilian Bosse, a photographer from Salzburg: “For an Austrian like me it is a very special experience to see the small traditional ships under sail.”
Just like the last two years, the polish “Olander” took the first place, ahead of the “Sleipner” (Denmark) and the “Hansine” (Germany) – an international regatta with an international trio in the lead. However at the Haikutter-regatta everybody is a winner anyway.

Just like many of the events of the 24th Hanse Sail, the Haikutter-regatta also needs partners and sponsors, whom we want to thank sincerely at this point: Scandlines GmbH Deutschland, Heinrich-Hirdes GmbH, Adler-Schiffe GmbH & Co. KG, Kloska Group as well as the Kraftwerks- und Netzgesellschaft mbH.