30th Hanse Sail Rostock from 5th to 8th August 2021

Be part of the 30th Hanse Sail Rostock and experience a vibrant example to the preservation of maritime traditions live and in colour. Admire the sailing ships in action or join the crew on board. We are looking forward to seeing you!

On the second weekend in August, around one million people visit the maritime festival on the Warnow, one of the biggest Windjammer events in the world. Round 200 ships, the oldest being over 100 years old, can be seen on the wharf or “in action” on the Baltic Sea off Warnemünde.

For many visitors and companies from all over Germany, the opportunity to sail aboard these ships is the main highlight. Far and wide, no other festival offers quite the variety of events that Hanse Sail does. And every year it gets even better. Competitions and shows on the Warnow, in the city harbor and in Warnemünde, exhibitions, conferences, colorful stage line-up or the international market – Hanse Sail has it all. Although it has grown each year, Hanse Sail has retained the same spirit since its start in 1991.

Photo: Hanse Sail/Lutz Zimmermann