8.-11. August 2019

Security and Traffic Guidelines

Dear visitors of the Hanse Sail Rostock, 

We are looking forward to eventful days with you. It will get busy and narrow at the quay wall, on the water and especially on the parking spaces. Please use the public transport for your arrival and note the following information on traffic restrictions.

General Information

• Info towers will help you navigate through the event location. Please pay attention to the emergency route signs.
• The whole event location is divided into sectors. The different sectors are marked by numbers on the showmen booths and sales stalls (one letter and a three-figure number).
• You will receive orientation plans at the information points.
• The central event office is located at the City Harbour, directly above the restaurant “Alter Fritz”. In the neighbouring building of the Hanse Sail Verein, you will be able to get tickets and information about sailing offers from the booking office. You can find a contact person around the clock here
• You are in a harbour area. Please be careful at the quay wall and pay attention to the mooring services. 
• There will be first-aid service stations at the City Harbour (near the main entrance) as well as in Warnemünde in the area of the sea promenade/”Seestraße”, at the corner of the “Luisenstraße” and at the passenger quay. In addition, there will be mobile paramedics at the event location for you.
• In the case of a medical emergency you will get help under the emergency phone number 112. Please share your exact position (sector, number of the booth, prominent points etc.). The same applies in case of fire or ship accidents.
• The police of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will be stationed with a mobile police station at the City Harbour on the harbour market opposite of the main entrance. In addition to that, officers will be present on the event location. In case of an emergency you can reach the police under the emergency phone number 110.
• The carrying of glass bottles is forbidden.
• Dogs must be kept on a leash on the event location.
• Please pay attention to the information announced via the distance radio.

Information about traffic restrictions

Area City Harbour
• The area of the L22 along the Rostock City Harbour is a low-traffic zone. Please only cross the street at the crosswalk. Please pay attention to the light signals and the traffic.
• The L22 between Grubenstraße and Kanonsberg will be closed at certain times. 

Area Warnemünde
• There will be a bus lane on the city highway to Warnemünde. Please note the related traffic restrictions.
• The access to the passenger quay in the direction of Warnemünde through the tunnel at the main station will be closed at certain times. Please use the sign-posted alternative route. 

Thank you for your understanding!

Your Sail-Organiser

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