8.-11. August 2019

29th Hanse Sail Rostock – From giants to dwarfs

Between the 8th and the 11th of August 2019, the 29th Hanse Sail welcomes around 200 traditional sailing ships and also steam- and museum ships at the quays of Rostock and Warnemünde.

2009 – ten years ago – the first Haikutter-Race guided eleven small, fast traditional sailing ships from the Danish city Nysted to Rostock on the day before the Hanse Sail. This experiment, which was executed with a lot of commitment, is now a fixed event in the sailing schedule of the owners of the “Hajkutter” (dan.). Up to 17 ships, who can be attributed to the maritime heritage of our neighbors from the North, are taking part in the race. You can join the race and are able to arrive and depart comfortably with the Scandlines ferries via Gedser. It is an exciting experience with a familiar atmosphere on board, not only for sailor´s. Many of the ships are participating beforehand in the regatta “Hajkutter Festival”, the contribution Denmarks to the group Baltic Sail. The Haikutter have become important links to the connection of the cities in and outside of the Baltic Sea. Rostock and the commune Guldborgsund have been partner cities since 2014.

When the small Haikutter pass through the pier heads of Warnemünde on August 7th, they encounter the giants of the sea – cruise liners, ferries, ships of the marine and of course the huge sail training ships with a length of 100 meters or more. A world-wide inimitable maritime puzzle is being built every year on the second weekend of August in the Hanseatic and University City Rostock, and only with the help of many contributors.

The university, “Light of the North”, will be looking back on 600 years of scientific research and teaching in 2019. But the traditional ships are telling the history of shipbuilding and shipping during the Hanse Sail by themselves.

Be part of it and experience the Hanse Sail as a vibrant example to the preservation of maritime traditions live and in colour. Admire the sailing ships in action or join the crew on board. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Photo: Hanse Sail/Lutz Zimmermann

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