8.-11. August 2019

Anniversary Exhibition of the University History and Photo Exhibitions

Various exhibitions invite visitors during the Hanse Sail to immerse into the life of the Hanseatic and University City of Rostock. Helga Klehn presents three of them.

Anniversary exhibition: The oldest University in the Baltic Area

Small late gothic pair of sceptres that was handed over to the first principal at the founding of the University in 1419. Picture: Archive University of Rostock

The Rostock Cultural History Museum will be showing the anniversary exhibition “People. Knowledge. Paths of Life. 600 years University of Rostock” from 20th June to 30th November. The biographies of primarily students, lecturers and staff of the University of Rostock will be presented on more than over 800 square meters. What role did local rulers and popes play? Who were the most defining lecturers and their students? What rituals did they have to go through in order to enroll? The list of the prestigious personalities is long. Among them is Ulrich von Hutten the strident german humanist, poet and imperial knight who praised the elated spirit and the freedom of Rostock. Elisabeth Bernhöft was the first woman to enroll as a student. But it wasn’t until ten years later in 1919 that married woman were allowed to study at the University of Rostock. Karl von Frisch who was a Nobel Prize winner functioned as Professor for zoology and director of the institute in the beginning of the 1920s. The eventful history of the University comes alive through national and international loans.


Rostock Cultural History Museum 
20. June to 30. November 2019

Humans in Rostock today: Photo exhibition “Stadtgesichter” (City Faces)

From the series “Rostocker Stadtgesichter II”(Rostock City Faces II) (2018/19), Picture: Frank Hormann

The photographer Frank Hormann took the founding of his hometown Rostock 800 years ago as an occasion to realize the project “Rostocker Stadtgesichter”(Rostock City Faces). He wanted to document the way people live in the year 2018/19 in the hanseatic city with this new series, says Horman. For this, he talked to people on the streets. If there was mutual sympathy and curiosity, he visited the families, pairs or single persons in their homes. All pictures were taken in black and white, analogue and with a wide-angle lens. He consciously didn’t provide information about the profession or life story of the persons. It’s all about the type of person. Hormann says that this type differs within the districts. Did he succeed to win people from Biestow to Warnemünde and all the way to the Rostocker Heide for his project? Visitors can see the results in the cloister of the Rostock University of Music and Drama in July and August. 

Cloister, Rostock University of Music and Drama
July and August 2019

Powerful beauty of nature: Photo exhibition „Bilder von den Küsten der Welt“ (Pictures from coasts of the world)

“Die Farbe des Strandes” (The colour of the beach), Iceland (2006), Picture: Michael Priebe

In the Hanse Sail Büro at the city harbour all threads of the maritime festival run together. The working rooms are not just connected by a simple hallway, but by the “Kleine Hafengalerie” (little harbour gallery). The photographer Michael Priebe shows his works from the photo series “By the sea” and “Ice” from 21st May to 11th October. In the process of making the series, he travelled around various countries including Russia, Iceland, Norway and Denmark as well as the Baltic coasts of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg. His pictures display the grandiosity of nature and its unspoiled and untameable state but also portray cultivated landscapes such as beaches and harbours. Priebes’ pictures often reflect timeless moments between the sky and the ocean, which seem to be frozen in space and time. One key influence for his work was the painting “Mönch am Meer” by Caspar David Friedrich. It accentuates the experience of loneliness and sharpens the senses for the richness of shapes and colours of the nature and of one’s own existence, says Michael Priebe. 


"Kleine Hafengalerie" (little harbour galery), Hanse Sail-Büro
From 21. May to 11. October 2019

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