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Impressions of the Hanse Sail Rostock 2014

Enjoy the maritime flair of the 24th Hanse Sail Rostock also on your screen. A selection of photos are assambled in the online gallery 2014 ... more

Successful 24th edition of the Hanse Sail

During the second weekend of August 2014, 211 traditional sailing ships and museum ships from 12 nations gathered in the Warnow River. More than 30,000 visitors joined the sailing ships ... more

What's going on the Sail? What's new?

Our Sail-News provide reports, background information, exciting and curious incidents. Browse our news and read all about the ships, the market and the people ... more

Results of Hanse-Sail-Regatta

Today at 12.45 pm the starting pistol was fired for the participating ships of the regatta of the traditional sailing ships. However there were only four ships taking part in the competition this year ... more

Traditional Opening of the Hanse Sail

“Welcome to the Hanse Sail” – the 24th edition of the maritime festival was traditionally opened on the NDR stage by prominent persons. Erwin Sellering and Roland Methling as well as ... more

Rostock is looking forward to 24th Hanse Sail

It might be the most maritime edition the Hanse Sail has ever experienced. “The composition of the fleet of the 24th Hanse Sail taking place from 7th to 10th August is absolutely top class” ... more

Sailing fun to give away

Are you in the mood for admire the picturesque Baltic coast from the sea side? A gift idea of a special type is offered with immediate effect by the Tall-Ship Booking Office in Rostock ... more

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